Constipated Consciousness

Consciousnesss is rare. We all have it, but very few understand it and only very rare actually practice it. Because ? Cos It’s effective, and it needs work to be aware and act speak think consciously and making sure you do that for yourself and your environment ( living or non living).

Constipation on the other hand is not rare, our growing absurd lifestyles are blessed with constipation, not just in our bodies but also our minds and thoughts.

And now we have reached a new level of constipated consciousness. We think we think but we dont, and even if we do, we leave it at that and expect our thoughts and desires to self fulfill themselves or some of us turn to that bright light in the sky, call it divine and order it to act on it and when that doesn’t work we plead, that also fails, god forbids, we blackmail, and come up with various exchange offers with the divine. Wow!

Consciousness is a human thing, it is a mind and body matter, what does the divine have to do with it! We all have consciousness, proof – we all think about something or the other throughout the day, so it’s there, the potential. But filling that space with lot of incomplete or half hearted or half willed stuffs n not trying enough to actually push it out and shape it in reality and action is making our consciousness constipated. It is filthy dirty unorganized and may be also toxic.

Why can’t we be more aware of ourselves and of others. Investing into a hobby a task or a person is the easiest to do, to keep at it and flourish it needs consciousness, an unconstipated consciousness. Detoxification and discarding things ideas n people sometimes help, just like we go on a detox for our body. When something isn’t giving you the feeling of joy, it’s time to take a hard look at it and see where it is coming from. It is always a result of constipation, coz essentially we humans are not born sad or unhappy, we came from unconditional love and that is where we will all go, but in between can we be more conscious and live mindfully so to do ourselves and our environment n people some good divine favor!!?

It can’t be this difficult people! It’s rather simple. Try it.

Trying to unconstipate continuously,



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