what does the the victimiz’er say to the victim – you victimize me.

what if you run into a person who only takes your unhappiness and unpleasant feelings of trauma and sadness at face value and keeps it in on of his brain box that he doesnt so often visit, and then makes sure you are never moving forward esp because of him, and he does it in repeated patterns, and ultimately says ‘you victimize him’.

He reasons out your unpleasantness and unhappiness instead of attending you at the moment you need it the most the way u need it, and then you are blamed to be entirely external dependent and reluctant to do anything internally by self. Waiting to endlessly understand logic for something that is not one of your traits by the way, and not doing the needful, is indeed a golden concept. I’m sure families happen because people are always on same page intellectually and not at heart and compassion.  Chuck that person in need, let him / her die or kill themselves over depression and self unworthiness, Logic comes first !

I get you. and I say thank you.

because from now on, I refuse to be the victim and free you from being victimized and stop being external dependent esp on you because obviously relying on someone who’s your own is a wrong concept in your dictionary. Wonder why you then expected me to be that person you could rely on! but never mind, physical and physiological stress will kill someone, not as sooner as continuous attachment to someone like you would kill,  who would ensure to create as many situations in the moment ( not the past, but in the moment), which could cause hundreds of chronic erratic hormones and signals, and all of it just cause you have to first wait to understand the logic of what is alien to you by the way. DONT EAT THAT PASTA UNLESS YOU FIRST UNDERSTAND HOW THE PASTA CAME N HOW IT DIGESTS IN YOUR SYSTEM MOLECULE BY MOLECULE.

Obviously needing love and help from people like these, because you need help and because they are thankfully at a place now where they can help you, is victimizing!!


Note: physical body n mind are related, your body reacts to any unpleasantness before the mind registers it ( also scientifically proven); self empoweredness is not a strange concept, its only a phase dormant in your life now, not completely gone. Avoid people who mask themselves as your well wisher but are masked energy sucker who may do everything selfish and push you to that dark tunnel more than where you were earlier.



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