Nope, not the same.

I will dive straight into the point, being compassionate to someone is not the same as pleasing that person or being nice to that person.

I have often seen people being abused in relationships because they mistake compassion for their loved ones or friends to being nice and pleasing. This in turn leads them to do and live with things that doesnt make them happy or feel respected instead it pretty much works one way. The please-r keeps on finding ways to please and the abuser keeps on finding reasons to exploit on various grounds. Well it works in favor of one but is detrimental both ways, and never helps heal that relationship in the long run or the particular person who is so used to be exploited for being nice and bridge maker.

Compassion is different, it is caring for the person in good and bad, not just by doing good for them but doing them good by telling them where they are going sour.

Often it is seen when such please-r’s finally wake up from their slumber and claim their place in the relation, they are being now seen as changed, disrespectful and also inconsiderate. Gas Lighting at its best. Men or Women Alike.

Well, seek out and talk to others, to neutral people and access the situation before it either devours you or the relation.

Disrespect is never free nor is pleasing, compassion however is where the freedom lies.





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