Mindful tyrant

Deafening silence

Vacant eyes waiting to be filled

Empty thoughts crying out mute

Hurting indescribable soul

Lovelessness or not

Defiant or not

A heart want what it wants

Snatching it’s paws on what it clings to

But not begging for attention or care

Proudly arrogant and unapologetic

The rubbed spread out Kohl under the eye bag

Gazing out as the sun gave way to stars

Perplexed what is in store for it

The numbness of mind now taking over

Screams now dwindled under the music decibels

How unreasonable can it be to be want to loved the way you want once

Wondered the ruffled hair and dry lips

The smart part of the brain spoke again

“let’s not forget, no one cares more than they care for themselves,

Let’s not cry or mull, not expect nor demand,

If its love it will flourish, if it’s convinience it will choke

Take the pressure off, let the heart breathe

Love thyself, leave the others to work thru the crumb’s.”

Hmmmmm, sighed the mind, smirked , put the lights out

Hugged the pillow

Famished and thirsty

Talking to self, if this is what it wanted for itself?

If it is where it desires to be after all that it has been through

Hauntings from past and of future shaking the present as is

Is life to be a bore or a chore, is it a task or another job for promotion, where is the joy as it seeks and the contentment?

Or is it the breathing that sometimes hurt?

… and started another long walk in the head.

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